About Us

3415 Penryn Rd
Loomis Ca 95650.
Phone (916)652-9707
Email: office@penrynoaks.net

Penryn Oaks Preschool and Daycare believes that each child possesses his/her own unique talents, character, and developmental ability.  Our staff embraces this philosophy by providing customized attention for your child and creates activities which enhance their development.
Scheduling is kept at a minimum, but there is an established plan. Children learn that there are rules for their safety as well as for others. They are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of media, because the use of art forms is vital to the development of young children. In this freedom, they find satisfaction and positive self worth. Ultimately, Penryn Oaks Preschool and Daycare offers a warm, safe environment where children learn by doing.

The school has an excellent health record for children.
 This has come from the thoughtful help of parents in keeping ailing children home and teachers reporting symptoms observed promptly.

If there are signs of illness such as:
 sore throat,
 cough, nasal discharge,
 inflamed or discharging eye,
please keep child home for care and observation. This is important for the health of those at school who are well. Please call the school if child is ill or absent.

        Please inform the Director whenever your child has been exposed to any
  communicable disease.

A Doctor´s release is required by the school when a child returns after being ill
with a communicable disease. Medicine Medicine left at school for use during the day must be signed in daily by a parent prescribing the dosage and directions for administering.