Lily Gallagher…………Owner

I opened up my center, Penryn Oaks Preschool in 1989, with the hope of providing my own children with quality preschool and daycare. I was amazed at the beautiful grounds with its oak studded trees and granite croppings.  I immediately thought it would make an ideal playground for preschool children.

  I am still very proud of our beautiful yard and enjoy touring the school for prospective parents.  I can hardly believe it has been 25 years and am seeing my former students coming back with their own children.  My philosophy has always been very simple…love the child first, making them feel safe and secure .

I believe curriculum is also very important,much of which stems  from teaching public and private Kindergarten years ago.  Of course, I have kept abreast with  new teachings and believe that process not product is essential in developing a child’s cognitive and social well being.Our center also incorporates Zoo Phonics and Writing without tears.  I love the arts , so a day never passes where a child is not experiencing music and art in many forms. 

 I hold a Bachelors of Arts California Teaching Certificate, preschool through 12th grade as well as numerous Early Childhood Education classes and workshops I have taken over the years.  Although, I am not in the classroom as much as I have been in former years, I enjoy sitting down with the children and reading them a story and assisting in the classroom and toddler room.
My goal each day is to keep the children safe, and to inspire, motivate and mentor the teacher’s in good practices of early childhood education. I make sure that positive discipline is carried out throughout the school.
 I am proud to be a grandmother for the first time this year to two adorable babies. My children reside in the Bay area andfind purpose in their lives as they  are licensed Marriage, Child  and Family Counselors.  


I have been an employee of Penryn Oaks Preschool and Daycare for the past 9 years, starting as an ROP Student.  
The past 4 years I have been the Pre K Teacher and Director.  It has been quite a challenge completing my B.A. this year with attending school full time and also working as a full time director.

 It has all been worthwhile not only for myself development, but for the invaluable tools I acquired and love to share with my staff.  I have been at Penryn Oaks for so long it is hard for me to see myself teaching and directing anywhere else.  I enjoy the small town feel of our center.  Our families are always helpful and go out of their way to let us know how much they appreciate us.  I believe our rural outdoor setting is an asset to a child’s development.  Children learn to grow socially and emotionally by exploring their natural surroundings and Penryn Oaks‘outdoor area is magnificent!  


My name is Kathy Murphy. I began working as the Infant/Toddler teacher at Penryn Oaks in November of 2013.
I have been a child development professional for nearly 20 years. Over the course of my professional career, a considerable amount of my time and energy has been devoted to the care and advocacy for young children. My passion has always been to educate families and the community as to what are best practices for young children. My philosophy is simple; I believe that parents are children’s first teachers and that the continuity between home and school is vital. I believe that even the youngest child should be treated as an individual and given the same respect that we ask for ourselves. Infants and toddlers are learning to fit into their  world and it is my job as a teacher to help them by gently weaving academics, through play,  into the course of the day, modeling pro- social behavior, redirecting unacceptable behavior, setting limits and loving them unconditionally.
I began my journey as a young mother who simply wanted to care for my own children and a few others in my home. In order to do this I took some Child Development classes so that I could be armed with tools for success. The classes that I took inspired my passion to be a Child Advocate and to earn a degree in Child Development, with a focus on Early Childhood Education. Once completing my degree, I went to work for Butte Glenn Community College, developing an Infant/Toddler program from the ground up. During my 10 year employment at Butte I organized and supervised a classroom with 8-10 infants and mentored students. Eventually, my classroom became an accredited model for other centers in the area, including Head Start. 
To further develop my skills, I took a Train the Trainer Institute, with the Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC), which was an intensive, two week training on center based care for infants and toddlers. I adopted the PITC philosophies and continue to stay current in the latest research in best practices for young children.
Also, during my professional career I have worked with preschool age children, I was President for the local Association for the Education of Young Children and was a center Director for 5 years.
I have been married for almost 35 years to my husband Tim and I am the mother of two wonderful young ladies, Sara and Elyse, both living in Oregon. I am also the grandmother of two delightful little guys, Brian and Benjamin. I am semi-retired and came to work for Penryn Oaks simply to have purpose. I enjoy whole heartedly working with children and will continue to do so as long as I am able.


I have been working at Penryn Oaks since May 2012 and love it so much. I have 24 units in Early Childhood Education, 3 of them being Infant/Toddler care giving.  I currently work in the infant room and love to see how our infants learn and grow through the many stages of their development. It’s a joy to create a loving, long lasting bond with the infants in our care through their play, feedings and naps. Getting to know their own personal needs is also a necessity for me to be able to help the child grow and learn. Aside from working with children, I love to go camping, swimming, and I enjoy the ocean. 


I have worked with children since 2011 and enjoy working in early childhood very much! I love being able to enrich the lives of children. They have so much to learn and I enjoy helping them discover and explore new things. I have been working at Penryn Oaks since August of 2012 and have taken numerous ECE classes, which have further enhanced my teaching skills. I currently work as an infant and toddler teacher in the mornings.  It’s exciting to watch the little ones learn new things every day about themselves and the world around them. I truly love watching them grow. In the afternoons I work with the school age children. These kids are a fun group to work with. Our priority is to get homework done first and corrected. The day follows with crafts and games throughout the week. Summers are filled with exciting bi-weekly field trips to Loomis Park, bowling, swimming, etc. Many children also enroll in gymnastics and dance, and karate take place on site. On occasion I work with the 2’s/3’s preschool . I truly enjoy working with every age group. Children are so different and learn in many unique ways, I love getting to know each and every one of them. I have such a strong bond with these kids and enjoy my time here at Penryn Oaks.



Hi, my name is Nicole. I am the Pre-K Teacher here at Penryn Oaks.  I have been working in the early childhood field for three years now.  I knew at a young age that I wanted to work with children.  I have two children myself, Savanna age 5 and Elijah 7. I am still currently enrolled in college courses and have almost completed my AA in Early Childhood Development.  I love watching children develop and learn as they grow.  I have worked with all ages of children as I have my Infant Toddler units as well.  I love working for Penryn Oaks Preschool.  It is a great family oriented and fun place to be.  

My name is Alicia Clayton, or as you may have heard, Miss Alicia. I have enjoyed working with children at a very young age. I am passionate about teaching. I hold an AA degree in early childhood and believe learning is a lifelong experience. Professionally, I have cared for children for 21 years and am the parent of a 13yr old daughter, Aiyana. My background includes many years of after school care; providing homework assistance and enrichment activities for large groups of school age children. I believe firmly in respecting each child for their individual needs and characteristics while building personal relationships with them. I view caring for children in all capacities as a privilege, and seek to support and extend the values children are learning at home in a positive, developmentally appropriate and educational environment.

Hello families and hopefully future families! My name is Chelsea. I have a small family, Justin my husband and Kaileigh my 2-year-old diva. I love not only working at Penryn Oaks, but also enjoy having my daughter learn from all the other amazing teachers here! I knew I wanted to make a career out of working with children since I was 12, when I started babysitting for families and friends! I am currently the head teacher for the 2’s and 3’s.  I love this age group because it’s something different and new every day.  They are so funny, your never know what they’ll say or do.  I am furthering my education at Sierra College, finishing in 2019 with a AA in Early Childhood Education.  Thank you for taking an interest in Penryn Oaks Preschool, hope to meet you soon!